Winter 2012 first episodes impression (part 1)

New season, more anime to watch. Same as always. Except there's too little time to watch every anime that comes out everyday. Because of that, one must make his choice of what anime he will watch for the rest of the season. Here's my first impression of those new anime that come out recently, as well as my judgement of whether I will continue to watch the show or not.

The first episode was alright I think. It definitely has some creepy moments thanks to the mischievous background music that played in the episode. The art is really pretty, which PA Works once again has proved their talent in making scenery porn. I think I'm gonna follow this anime for a while until I can give my verdict.

Kill Me Baby
Don't know how to feel about this show. At times it's a pretty nice light-hearted comedy but it bored me to death as well. I think I'll drop this as the jokes in this anime aren't my cup of tea. I prefer more hilarious one like...

Probably the best gag of this season. Brought to you by the same director who did Gintama, Daily Lives of High School Boys aka Nichibros is really more than enough to fill my comedy slot for this season.

(Thanks again to gecd who made me intrigued to check out the preview eps)

I've already said more than enough. Anymore word spoken will be a waste of time.

Recorder to Randsell
No thank you, I've seen funnier anime which ran around 2 minutes long. I also think the hey-it's-an-elementary-school-boy-in-a-man's-body joke will be overused to death. So, no.

Poyopoyo Kansatsu Nikki
D'awwwww it's so cute. I must admit I'm such a sucker for cat and cat-shaped creatures like Aria Sachou so yeah I'm gonna watch this for da lulz. It's only 3 minutes anyway so nothing of value was lost.

And that's it. Probably there is a second part to this post. Probably there isn't. Whichever it is, there's only one thing I can say: Winter 2012 anime aren't as bad as I thought it would be. See you on the next post!


  1. Another has such a creepy and atmospheric first episode :D. Looking forward to the mysteries being solved and is my favorite series along with Nisemonogatari.

  2. Yes, Another looks promising. Can't wait how it will turned out.