Nisemonogatari 01

Summer 2009. It was around that time I started watching anime on weekly basis and one of the first anime I watched weekly was Bakemonogatari. It was a rather unusual anime for me at the time, a bit strange at first impression but slowly it grew on me. I cannot tell you enough how much I love that show except for the "9" score I gave to it on my MAL.

Winter 2012. Almost three years later, the much waited sequel is finally here. Nisemonogatari is without a doubt a Bakemonogatari successor. The first episode gave me everything I love from the prequel: the smart verbal sparring, unique visual style (aka Shaft being Shaft), fanservice, nice bgm and more Hitagi Senjougahara!! I dare to say that Nisemonogatari is going to be one of my favorite anime of this year.

But enough with the chit chat, let's get to the episode itself!

Hell yeah, can't have a Shaft anime without reaction images. Gotta love the verbal abuse from Hitagi in the first 5 minutes. When I watched it I was like "Oh I won't mind getting verbal abused by her! In fact, I'd kill for it!"

Senjougahara Fascination™. Also, Araragi's ahoge is flexible as always.

Pffft ha ha ha ha. Damn, laughed so much during the entire scene with Hitagi and Arararararagi. They're like a S&M couple and it's pretty much obvious who's S and who's M. 

The first OP "Futakotome" is once again sung by Saito Chiwa. It's pretty neat and I love it as much as I love "Staple Stable",

From the first season we knew that Arara- erm, Koyomi isn't exactly at good term with his imouto(s). Maybe that's why he seek for another imouto for his harem? That bastard, even though he already has two cute imouto(s). 

I always love Shaft's architecture. I'm gonna hire whoever responsible for designing Araragi house someday to design my room.

 Koyomi is oblivious as always. Even Tsukihi pities him. Poor Nadeko-chan. Status: Friendzone'd.

He is really a true child molester. Beware of this guy, kids. I mean he is so creepy when dealing with Mayoi. Eww, damn lolicon. Where is the police at time like this? Oh wait, Mayoi is a ghost. There's no law that forbid you to grope a loli ghost. I see what you did there, Shuraragi.

(Also, there are so many references in this episode I can't get them all ww)

Now you can buy 愛 for 298 yen! Go to nearest convenient store! Make sure it is not a half-priced version!

I have to admit that Mayoi Snail is my least favorite arc in Bakemonogatari. But damn she is too cute to resist. Until I suddenly heard Emirin used her Kyubey's voice here. CANNOT UNSEE MAN.

Personally I enjoyed the seemingly random banter from Mayoi and Araragi that somehow lead us to the fact that Araragi only share his own problems with Meme and Mayoi. Only in Monogatari series I can watch the characters talked for a whole episode and not getting bored.

And that wrapped the episode nicely. This is definitely a satisfying episode and it's only the first! I have a high expectation for Nisemonogatari and I hope it will stay entertaining till the end of season.


  1. The only thing about Mayoi Snail which I thought I liked was basically Snjougahara's confession. That's why I was kinda surprised to see how cute Hachikuji was in this episode.

    ...Wait, come to think of it again. That scene when she told Koyomi that she saw Shinobu at the donut shop was cute too.


  2. Yes, that confession scene caught me unguarded. I was like o_o when it happened.

    Donut shop? Oh right right, that scene. I tend to forget the last three episodes Bakemonogatari for obvious reason.

  3. Nice, baru aja donlotan saya kelar. :D

  4. There was only chat, no action. Nothing interesting. Why do you even like Nisemono that much minoru?

  5. That's exactly why I watch this. If you want action anime you shouldn't watch Nisemonogatari.

  6. The first episode of nisemonogatari is made me laugh so hard. Very interesting. Shaft is create another great work ^^

    Araragi's house color scheme is so nice :)

  7. Really really love Tsukihi. Damn, she's very kawaii >3<