Purse Owner 4 The Animation - 14 & 15

Better late than never. Here is episode 14 and 15 of P4.

Episode 14
Brotag is surely a manbulous lad. He sets a truly inspiring example for other anime male leads. All the ladies want him, guys want to be like him.

Mmm yes, I love how episode 14 was beautifully executed. True, this was nothing more than just a filler episode for several social links that aren't the main ones. However it actually managed to get its shit done, all in one entertaining episode. THIS is how a filler episode should be done.

Episode 15
Another bloody entertaining episode. Honestly I can almost say that I enjoy the filler more than the actual storyline. These characters are just too fun to watch. Especially the brotag. He's da man.


  1. I never play the game. But brotag sure awesome.

  2. " I can almost say that I enjoy the filler more than the actual storyline" I totally agree on that. Damn, the filler is so funny and entertaining!

  3. @Fallendevil
    He's a smooth motherfucker. I want to be like him.

    Yes, but the plot is already advancing again in the next episode!